Sarah Thomas Yoga Instructor 

Guided Practice

Sarah offers a restorative practice that helps you feel connected and at home in your body.  Her theraputic way of teaching yoga stems from learning how to heal her own trauma. Meditation has also been a big part of Sarah's healing proccess; balancing meditation and a consistent yoga practice helps rewire your brain and bring awareness to unwanted habits.

Are you not flexible enough for yoga?  Yoga isn't about you achieving 'advance poses'. When learning a new language you don't begin with learning complex phrases. Lets make yoga acessible together. Come as you are and learn with me. I view yoga poses as useful tools that can help create flexibility in your body and life. 

Let's be honest, life is trauma. We all experience pain. From lower back issues, to an emotional past, yoga helps bring the pieces that make us whole, together. Practicing yoga has continued to help me through the various obstacles we face in life. I have developed a practice that encourages my body specifically, and I'd love to find a way to make yoga accessible to you, because the benefits can be life changing.

Sarah offers private yoga/meditation instruction to individuals and small groups (up to 5).
Contact Sarah for pricing or any other inquiries.